1.  About

As an extension of Nazara Lázaro’s own practice, HENADS is a creative studio that conceives virtual environments with a humanized aesthetic approach. Operating in the fields of design, architecture, fashion, art, and lifestyle, its services span creative and art direction, still and moving 3D design, visualization and compositions in the digital realm.

As a philosophical concept deriving from the Greek word “hen”, or the “One”, Henads [ενάδες] are divine entities or the principles that mediate between humans and the Absolute. Henads refer to our inner light, that connects us with what’s beyond our physical limitations. It’s in this ineffable, in-between space that the studio wishes to position its practice.

Being community-driven, HENADS Studio fosters plurality and multiplicity, and it regularly collaborates with talented designers and digital artists mastering the art of 3D modeling and animation on projects of different scales, ranging from objects to spaces, with commercial or artistic aspirations. The studio is based in Berlin while working worldwide.

Text by Eleni Tranouli

2.  Services

Creative Direction, Art Direction, 3D Design and Visualization, Set Design, Animation

3.  Areas

Editorials, Product Advertisement, Product and Space Visualization, Marketing Campaigns, Exhibition Design

5.  Projects




Apartamento Studios x FLOS

Client: FLOS
Creative direction: Apartamento Studios

With Manuel Carvalho, in collaboration with Apartamento Studios and Patricia Urquiola, for the FLOS Almendra Lamp Launch Campaign. Featured on the FLOS stories magazine, the Milan Design Week showcase by FLOS, and select stores.


Ignant x Velux

Client: Velux
Creative direction: Ignant

Spatial and 3D design for the editorial campaign for Velux under the creative direction of Ignant Studios. Featured in the Ignant website and social media platforms. In collaboration with Manuel Carvalho.


The Artist’s House

Design: Nazara Lázaro

Interior visualization of the design project The Artist’s House, a space that takes inspiration from the works of Luis Barragán, Donald Judd, and César Manrique.



Design: Nazara Lázaro

Editorial image featuring the Steel Collection for the SightUnseen Summer Collection.

2020 – 2021

Studio Work

Concept and Visuals: HENADS

Different animation studies with a focus on aesthetics, materials and lights.

2019 – 2022

Designs by Nazara Lázaro

Editorial style product images of different furniture collections by Nazara Lázaro.


Laura Fournier

Client: Laura Fournier
Art Direction: Nazara Lázaro & Laura Fournier

3D visualization of the pieces “Terres d’appoint” designed by Laura Fournier using rammed earth and limestone. The pieces were presented at the design fair Collectible in Brussels in 2020.



Design: Nazara Lázaro

Visualization of the set design by Nazara Lázaro for SHAVONE.



Client: SVITA

Art direction and set design for the cosmetic brand SVITA.


Yasmin Bawa and Margaret Flatley

Design: Yasmin Bawa and Margaret Flatley

Collaboration in the 3D visualization of various pieces designed by Yasmin Bawa and Margaret Flatley.

2019 – 2020

Dello Studio

Client: Dello Studio

3D compositions for Dello Studio featuring their design pieces. Created in collaboration with Charlotte Taylor and Oscar Piccolo.

2016 – 2019


Client: TAVAR

Editorial images for the German furniture brand TAVAR featuring their furniture pieces in different environments.